Strong visual deterrent with non-invasive design

Townscape’s CT Block is an effective hostile vehicle mitigation measure. It is designed specifically to prevent vehicle incursion into a zone around a building or secure areas including pedestrian plazas.

Each block weighs 2.2 tonnes and is manufactured to PAS 68 standard (PAS 68: 2010 V/7500/N2). The units are tested and approved at Transport Research Laboratory (TLR) for the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI).

Download the perimeter protection factsheet from this website for more information about the PAS 68 testing and standard.

CT Blocks manufactured from a unique reconstituted natural stone mix using specially selected aggregates. They are cast around a steel reinforced frame that connects to four stainless inserts for lifting with eyebolts.

Simple and cost effective to install

Unlike other PAS 68 perimeter security products, which require extensive digging and major groundworks, the CT Block only needs to be recessed into the surrounding tarmac, concrete or paved area to a depth of 100mm. This is ideal for projects where the hostile vehicle mitigation measures are being retro-fitted.

The shallow foundations mean little disruption is created during installation and there is no need to re-route underlying service, providing a quicker and more cost effective solution.

The simple installation of the CT Block means your property is protected from vehicle incursion wherever there is a perceived threat. If the threat moves, CT Block can be repositioned quickly and easily.

Building security with added benefits

We know your primary concern is for the safe protection of your property and people. Not only does CT Block stop vehicle incursion, but it also has added benefits for your visitors and staff. Attractive seating, made in a range of finishes, can be integrated into the block, providing an attractive seating option.

The positioning of the blocks can also aid people flow if you need a directional guide for visitors to your facility. We have even seen the Blocks covered with advertising hoarding ‚ perfect for promoting upcoming events at your venue.

CT Block has been installed in many of the major airports in the UK, including Manchester, Heathrow, Gatwick, Cardiff, Belfast and Bournemouth. They have also been used in high profile locations such as transport hubs, utility infrastructure, heritage sites, MOD facilities, police stations and other public buildings.

See our range of case studies here


The CT Block not only creates a strong visual deterrent and protects public buildings from vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices, but has also been designed to complement the surrounding building fabric and landscaping.

CT Blocks come in a range of materials and finishes and are sourced form sustainable sources.

The Prestige range can be specified in various colours and creates a fine textured finish.


The overriding priority of CT Block is security, but the design of the blocks also lends itself to imaginative landscaping. Here at Townscape Products, we work closely in partnership with customers to ensure the CT Block meet aesthetic expectations as well as security requirements.

In some projects timber seating has been added to the blocks to create a public plaza and bespoke covers have been created for the blocks to be used as a promotional tool.