Counter Terror Planter PAS 68 Bollard Sleeve – Granite Finish. This product is designed to fit over a 219mm CT30 or CT40 PAS 68 Counter Terror Bollard to transform them into a PAS 68 standard planting system. The planter provides a minimum 375mm x 375mm x 180mm planting depth and is supplied complete with an integral planting liner and a small self-watering reservoir. The Planter is available in a range of standard Granite Colours.

This Product ID refers to the sleeve only. Please separately specify using the appropriate Product ID’s the required PAS 68 bollard


For advice about installation of this product, please contact our sales office.


If dimensions are critical please contact sales to confirm

Brand: Counter Terror Planter
Category: Vehicle Defence
Sub Category: On Ground
Material: Granite
Max Width: 400mm
Above Depth: 400mm
Above Ground: 1200mm
Units: Each