Liverpool Safe Spaces
Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

Street furniture | Street seating | Hostile Vehicle Attack

Townscape worked with Aecom and Liverpool City Council to create a safe spaces scheme (to mitigate a Hostile Vehicle Attack) for Castle Street and other areas of the City to enable bars and restaurants to open onto the pavement area.

With Government aiding councils with funding for “reopening of the streets”, we look forward to working with more councils and local authorities to make these areas as safe as possible for shoppers during the day and people enjoying the area in the evening/nightime too.

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation is a key area that Townscape can offer consultancy to town planners, landscape architects and developers with aesthetically pleasing solutions in the form of PAS 68 street planters, street furniture and concrete PAS 68 bollards all available with custom finishes to meet the design credentials required by architects as well as the safety credentials needed.