Townscape are pleased to offer a technical service to support our products.
Below are a series of bulletins that customers may find of interest.

General Technical Advice

Please ring our sales office for specific product advice on (+44) (0)1623 513355
or email

NBS Plus Clauses & Technical Specifications

NBS Plus is a library of building product details linked to clause guidance in the NBS specification products NBS Create, NBS Building, NBS Landscape and NBS Chorus. Specific Townscape Product clauses can be found here. More project specific technical specifications are available from our sales office, where we would be pleased to provide product drawings in the required specifiers format.

Design Service

Townscape are pleased to offer a design service for our range of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation solutions. In the first instance talk to our Sales Office about the specifics of your requirements on (+44) (0)1623 513355 or email

Quality Management Systems

Our vehicle defence, street furniture and precast concrete products have all been awarded BS EN ISO 9001:2015 certification.
The accreditation is based on quality management principles which include customer focus, process approach, and continual improvement.
This ensures that all of our products meet industry standards and are manufactured to the highest standard.


Here at Townscape, we don’t just manufacture and supply the very best contemporary street furniture products – we partner with meticulously selected delivery specialists to ensure our products get to you as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Our full product range is available for purchase on a quotation basis. The method and cost of delivery varies according to the size, weight and shape of products being dispatched. We clearly detail the associated delivery cost with all quotations.  A free customer collection option is also available for all orders made on a quotation basis.

Standard Delivery

The standard delivery service is available in mainland England, Wales and Southern Scotland (south of M8/A8). With standard delivery, your order will normally be delivered within 10 to 21 working days. Your delivery time slot will always be between 8.00am and 5.00pm on the appointed day.
After confirmation and payment of online orders, we will contact you by e-mail within 7 working days with a proposed delivery date. If this delivery date is not acceptable, you must notify us within 2 working days to enable alternative delivery arrangements to be made. In this circumstance, additional costs may be charged.
To find out more about our returns and refunds policy see our Terms & Conditions.


Our friendly sales team offers a comprehensive consultation service to guide you through the process of product selection to ensure the items you are considering match your procurement needs before you go-ahead and purchase them. After making a purchase of street furniture, we know that your biggest concern is to ensure that items are correctly installed for performance, safety and longevity. From here, we provide a proactive advisory service that sees us guide you through the installation process. Overwhelmingly, installation will occur in one of two ways.

Specified Contractor Installation

Regularly the client’s preferred project contractor will install street furniture.  In this case we will work with the specified contractor and provide them with the literature and information they need to correctly install the product.

Organised Installation

Townscape can organise the installation using one of our experienced partner contractors. Please note all contractors engaged by Townscape are subject to a formal vetting procedure. In addition, Townscape and all of its subcontractors are CHAS approved. All costs associated with the installation of the product will be clearly identified on the project quotation.
For more information about the installation of any of Our Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Products, please give the team a call on 01623 513 355.

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation – Acronyms

ASTM – American Society for Testing and Materials
CPNI – Centre For the Protection of National infrastructure
CTSA – Counter Terrorism Security Advisor
HVM – Hostile Vehicle Mitigation
IWA – International Workshop Agreement
NaCTSO – National Counter Terrorism Security Office
PAS – Publicly Available Specification
PSSA – Perimeter Security Suppliers Association
VAW – Vehicle as a Weapon
CVAW – Counter Vehicle as a Weapon
VBIED – Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices
LLF – Long Linear Footways
TBB – Threat and Behaviour Based
VADS – Vehicle Attack Delay Standard
CNI – Critical National Infrastructure
CEN – European Committee for Standardisation (Comité Européen de Normalisation)
CPD – Continuous Professional Development
CWA – CEN workshop agreement
JSaRC – Joint Security and Resilience Centre
OR – Operational Requirement
RSES – Register of Security Engineers and Specialists
HVA – Hostile Vehicle Attacks

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation


Hostile Vehicle Mitigation considers the threat from hostile vehicles and reduces the threat through planned and considered design thereby reducing the overall risk in any given situation. Typically, the HVM process starts with a Dynamic Vehicle Assessment, real-time public space analysis and an understanding of the likelihood of attack. Townscape has been providing HVM consultancy and products for over 47 years and would be pleased to discuss the options for assessment for your project.


Townscape first tested to PAS 68 in 2003. The standard is still considered the gold standard for crash tested product. The Publicly available standard measures performance criteria during a real time crash situation carefully undertaken by a proprietary  UKAS laboratory.
In the U.K this tends to be TRL or more recently HORIBA MIRA. IWA 14 is an international standard designed to update and harmonise standards through a CEN Workshop Agreement. PAS 68, PAS 69 and the North American ASTM F2656 standard are included in IWA 14/1 and IWA 14/2.


Most HVM is concerned with 1500kg – 7500kg vehicle weights with a scenario of a vehicle bourne attack. Most dynamic vehicle assessments consider vehicle speeds of 20,30,40 and 50 mph with a range of attack vectors.
Additional CPNI private testing is also underway considering street furniture effectiveness against vehicle as a weapon scenarios. For additional information about Vehicle Attack Delay (VADs) and or temporary event protection please contact your local Townscape Technical Consultant who can provide addition assistance in this area.