If you’re in search of an economical, sustainable, and eco-friendly off-grid bollard and lighting solution, look no further than Townscape’s Solar bollard range. These solar-powered LED bollards, crafted in Britain with state-of-the-art technology, offer dual-level lighting: a constant, low-level illumination post-dusk, and an intensified brightness triggered by approaching individuals.


Townscape’s LED Solar bollards emit light detectable from 10 meters away on the lower setting and up to 40 meters when at their brightest. These self-sufficient, standalone bollards need no electrical wiring, thanks to their four vertical solar panels equipped with power point tracking inputs for optimal solar collection.


The LEDs within Townscape’s solar bollards are energized by UV light, not just sunlight, ensuring energy generation even during overcast conditions to maintain the lighting system’s full functionality.


Perfect for walkways, bike paths, parking areas, educational grounds, parks, retail spaces, residential areas, and urban streetscapes, Townscape’s solar and mains-powered lighting bollards provide cost-effective and sustainable illumination. This enhances safety and visibility while the integration of low-energy, PIR, and photocell technology in the mains-powered bollards greatly diminishes energy consumption and controls excessive light pollution.

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