Middlesborough Town Hall

Townscape PAS 68 Toledo timber planters protecting Middlesbrough Townhall

The Townscape Hostile Vehicle Mitigation and Vehicle Attack Delay planters combine subtlety with security in an incredibly powerful way and are specially designed to stop vehicles from accessing public areas.


Counter-terror planters, tested to PAS 68 standards, can halt a 7.5-tonne truck traveling at 50 mph with devastating effect. Robust and conspicuous to potential criminals and terrorists, they offer an elegant and visually pleasing HVM solution that does not compromise the aesthetics of the area.

The Townscape Ultra Shallow Mount Counter Terror Planters require only a 100mm recess into the existing tarmac, concrete, or paved surface, eliminating the need for extensive, costly groundworks and avoiding interference with underground utilities.

Townscape’s concrete HVM Counter Terror planters come in an extensive selection of materials and finishes.


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