Toledo PAS 68 Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Planter

A robust steel and hardwood timber construction, supplied with an integrated galvanised mild steel liner. The planter is fitted with a low profile foundation Counter Terror Block (Supplied)

When incorporated with the Townscape Counter Terror Block, this product is PAS68:2010 approved to the following classifications:

30mph test – single block/planter: V/7500/N2/48/90/6.6/0.0

40mph test – single block/planter: V/7500/N2/64/90/12.3/2.0

30mph test comprising 3 staggered blocks/planters: V/7500/N2/48/60/2.0/0.0

Available in 3 standard timber finishes: Iroko, Sapele and Oak.

All timber is supplied form managed forests


For advice about installation of this product, please contact our sales office.


If dimensions are critical please contact sales to confirm

Brand: Toledo PAS 68 Planter

Category: Vehicle Defence

Sub Category: Below Ground

Material: Timber / Mild Steel

Max Width: 1695mm

Max Depth:  1195mm

Above Ground: 1100mm

Below Ground: 100mm

Units: Each