Luton Dart Landscaping

Street furniture | landscape seating
Unity Range

Location: Luton

Luton DART Station in Bartlett Square has been upgraded as part of the ‘Luton Rising’ project and now features Townscape’s Unity range of precast concrete benches with inset timber tops along with fully clad Unity litter bins.

This commercial development off Kimpton Road, next to Luton Airport Parkway station is set in a partially landscaped garden. Our seating provides a place for the public to dwell and reflect. The Architects were Capita the constructors were Ryebridge Construction.

The project strives to provide pedestrian access across Bartlett Square to the Luton DART Parkway station from Kimpton Road, along with a small area of public realm. Townscape’s involvement has assisted in creating a new and high-quality public realm that is practical and links the rail station with local businesses and residents.