Mitigation Introduction

Attacks on buildings and busy places range from small acts of vandalism to well planned and prepared aggressive attacks by criminals and terrorists.

The threat of vehicle-borne attack has never been higher. We advise owners and facilities managers of all types of building or public space to implement a hostive vehicle mitigation (HVM) stratagey to assess the risks they face and to plan counter measures.

Hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) is safety protocols and procedures used to reduce the opportunity for vehicle based criminal activities. These are specifically focused on preventing terrorist activities such as the use of vehicles carrying improvised explosive devices. It is essential for operators of public buildings, transport links and businesses to implement full HVM measures to protect their properties and members of the public from these kinds of events.

Townscape Products through our security division, Townscape products, specialises in developing hostile vehicle mitigation systems and appropriate security products including barriers, blockers, rails and bollards. The first stage when considering HVM is to understand the types of threat you could face and the vulnerabilities of your site. Understanding these can help you to form your procedures and adapt your site to reduce the risks.

The best way to reduce the risks to your property, its inhabitants and members of the general public is to control vehicle access. Doing this lessens the opportunities for vehicle based explosive items to get into close proximity to the building. Educating staff regarding suspicious vehicles and individuals is also important. The final essential stage is to ensure that you have plans in place in the event that an event occurs.

At Townscape Products we provide a full range of physical security products to help prevent the access of malicious vehicles. When developing our products we have considered all possibilities, from the risk of parked vehicles, encroaching vehicles or high speed penetrative attacks. Our barriers are highly effective at preventing access and have been tested to ensure they withstand aggressive penetrative attempts. Our products can be easily installed onto all types of site and retro-fitted to existing sites looking at improving their safety infrastructure. Our CT Block system adheres to PAS 68: 2010 standard.

If you need any further information about hostile vehicle mitigation or would like help planning an infrastructure please contact Townscape Products. Our experienced security consultants can provide you with free advice and guidance regarding best practice measures and our products. Please call 01623 513355 or send us an email at

Vehicle Security Barriers

Vehicle Security Barriers (VSB) maintain blast stand-off and provide proven vehicle impact protection. When choosing your vehicle security system there is a process to follow:

1. Understand the type of vehicle-borne threat you are facing.

2. Assess the strengths and vulnerabilities of your site to vehicle attack

3. Reduce the vulnerability of your site

Much of this information is contained within our Perimeter Protection Factsheet you can download for free from Townscape Products here on this website.

We would also welcome the opportunity to talk to you about your specific requirements and provide solutions bespoke for your needs.

To enquire about how to protect your building, property or public space, call Jess Fergusson on 01623 513 355 or email