Corten Standard Raised Planter 1500x1500x600mm. Provision for a water reservoir and overflow drainage.

Surface should be flat . Lift planter into position. Place in base of the planter Terram 1000 or equivalent. Add 150mm of pea shingle to the bottom of the planter. Place second layer of filter membrane. Add additional water reservoir if needed. Plant using the specified medium and plants from the horticultural specialist.

Finish Pre-weathered Corten finish. The planters will continue to weather until a uniform finish is achieved over a period of 18 months. Fully weathered options can also be specified.

Range Steel Planters
Installation Surface Mounted
Materials Standard Part Weathered CORTEN Steel
Dimensions W x D x H 1500 x 1500 x 600mm Gauge 2mm
Height above Ground 600mm
Unit Weight 100kg
Planter Capacity 1125 Litres