Heron 20 Compound Cycle Shelter – On Ground Fix – Galvanised Finish.

The Heron Cycle Compound is made up from two lines of shelter, with access down the centre aisle. One end has a hinged access gate and is secured with a framed panel.

Includes cycle rack to hold up to 20 cycles, 3mm thick High Specification UV2 PetG clear sheeting, including End Panels, assembly bolts, expanding foundation bolts for concrete plinth and arrangement drawing for assembly.

Shelters will be delivered flat packed on a pallet, with assembly instructions. Construction of the shelters will be the responsibility of your on-site staff.



If dimensions are critical please contact sales to confirm

Brand: Heron
Category: Shelters and Covered Walkways
Sub Category: Cycle Shelter
Material: Steel, UV2 PetG
Max Width: 4800mm
 Max Depth: 4100mm
Above Ground: 2150mm
Units: Each