Manchester Performa-Cast™ Polymer Bollard – Ram Raid (3 Cores) Below Ground Fix – Painted in a Standard Range Colour.

This product has a rating of a one tonne vehicle load travelling at 25mph. All reinforcement sections extend 500mm below ground level. Spigots are loose for fixing on site.

Suitable foundations must be provided in all instances where ram raid unites are used. Fixing – Below Ground to a depth of 500mm.


If dimensions are critical please contact sales to confirm



Sub Category:Below Ground, Ram Raid

Material:Performa-cast™ polymer

Max Dia:230mm

Above Ground:1000mm

Below Ground:500mm

Overall Height:1500mm


Since we make our products we can provide a complete range of finishes either from standard one’s or from your own special requirements. Please contact sales to discuss this further.