VERGE GR Flat top Performa-cast™ Polymer Bollard Below Ground Fix Painted in alternate black and white strip Colour with rectangular Class 1 Reflective Band. Primarily used as highway demarcation the VERGE GR Bollard provide hazard visibility both during the day and at night in accordance with T.R.S.G.D and conformity to D.o.T Traffic Signs Manual Cpt.4—Warning signs 1986.


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Range Bollards
Installation 300-500mm Depth
Foundation Below Ground
Material Performa-cast™ Polymer. Engineering Grade Polymer cast over a mild steel core.
Max Dia. 168mm
Above Ground     900mm
Below Ground 300mm
Overall Height 1200mm
Weight 16.5Kg


Bollard Finishes
Painted Black RAL 9004
Painted White RAL 9010
Class 1. Reflective Tape WHITE
Class 1. Reflective Tape RED

Removable 168mm Dia. Socket BOL101RE
Tape Colour 168 Mixed Red / White BOL101RWM
Tape Colour 168 Yellow BOL101YT
Anti Ram Reinforcement 1 Applied BOL101 R1
Anti Ram Reinforcement 2 Applied BOL101 R2
127mm Dia. Bollard BOL0095BWRF
Removable 127mm Dia. Socket BOL0095RE