Brighton i360
Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

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Location: Brighton

British Airways i360 is a 162m tall observation tower located on Brighton seafront, East Sussex, England. From the fully enclosed viewing pod, visitors experience 360-degree views across Brighton, the South Downs and the English Channel.

British Airways i360 was designed, engineered and manufactured by the team responsible for the London Eye, with the attraction costing £46 million.

Project details:

Townscape Products were called in to supply Hostile Vehicle Mitigation for one of Brighton‚ largest tourist attractions. We were asked to design and manufacture Counter Terror Blocks, which were in-keeping with the modern surroundings and architecture.

With a high footfall and over 1000 vehicles passing this attraction every hour, our PAS 68 rated Counter Terror Blocks were the perfect solution.

Our Counter Terror HVM Block designs only need to be recessed into a 100mm deep foundation, significantly reducing the groundwork disruption to a busy location.

This area now has a secure open area for the public to enjoy, whilst maintaining security for the attraction, its occupants and pedestrians.