Conwy Borough Council
Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

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Counter terror | CT Blocks

Location: Colwyn Bay, Wales

Conwy Borough Council, as part of the council’s modernisation programme, required innovative protection for their new headquarters and its 700 staff which would blend perfectly with the building whilst enhancing the surrounding area.

To supply covert hostile vehicle mitigation in an open public area in keeping with the modern surroundings and architecture.
For this project, Townscape Products designed bespoke hardwood Sapele timber planter to encase the Counter Terror HVM Blocks, and create soft-scaping discreet HVM.
Seating was strategically added to promote interaction with the community and allow them the enjoyment of the area.
The area now has a secure open area for the public to enjoy whilst maintaining the security for the building, its occupants and pedestrians.
Our Counter Terror HVM Block designs only need to be recessed into a 100mm deep foundation, significantly reducing the groundwork disruption to a busy location.
Our Insight:

“This project is a great example of how design and security can work together. Our innovative approach enables us to meet our clients requirements and blend into the environment, creating a safe area that everyone can enjoy.”

James Myatt, Executive Chairman & MD, Townscape Products Limited