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The protection of public spaces, high profile buildings and landmarks has recently come into sharp focus given the horrifying rise in terrorist attacks using vehicles.
Couple the risk of terrorism with the threat posed by criminal activity, drunk drivers and even drivers that fall asleep at the wheel, and it becomes clear just how critical it is to stop vehicles from accessing pedestrian spaces.
As the leading UK perimeter security expert, Townscape can help specification and procurement professionals charged with the protection of public spaces to boost security with the installation of physical counter terror measures that will keep public spaces and buildings safe from vehicle incursion or attack.
In addition to the Counter Terror Block, Townscape has developed a range of integrated PAS 68, VADS, VAWS and Hostile Vehicle Mitigation products including Counter Terror Bollards, Counter Terror Cycle Furniture, Counter Terror Bins and Counter Terror Barriers. This breadth of products enables you to create a public space that feels open, architectural and unobtrusive or if required you can create a visible, physical deterrent to design out any risk of would-be attack.

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