Counter Terror Block Vehicle Defence Barrier Planter 3000mm with 15mm Chamfer edges as standard. This product is PAS 68:2010 tested to the following classifications:

30mph test – single block: V/7500/N2/48/90/6.6/0.0

40mph test – single block: V/7500/N2/64/90/12.3/2.2

And PAS 68:2005 tested to the following classification:

30mph test comprising 3 staggered blocks: V/7500/N2/48/60/2.0/0.0

(Tested block size 1490 x 990 x 600mm)

This product is available in a range of Artisan  Premier smooth and exposed aggregate finishes. Please select colour / finish when specifying.

Surface should be flat . Lift planter into position. Ensure permeable material immediately at drainage outfall location at the base of the planter. Once positioning is correct place a layer of Terram 1000 or equivalent into the planter. Add 100mm of pea shingle onto of the filter membrane. Add additional water reservoir if needed. Plant the liner using the specified medium and plant from the horticultural specialist.


If dimensions are critical please contact sales to confirm

Range Vehicle Defence
Installation 100mm
Materials Artisan Precast Concrete
Dimensions W x D x H 3000 x 990 x 1000mm
Height above Ground 900mm
Unit Weight 5400kg