Counter Terror Block Vehicle Defence Barrier 2400-3300 freeform shaped block with 50mm rounded edge as standard

The Townscape Counter Terror Block is PAS 68:2010 tested to the following classifications:

30mph test – single block: V/7500/N2/48/90/6.6/0.0
40mph test – single block: V/7500/N2/64/90/12.3/2.2

And PAS 68:2005 tested to the following classification:

30mph test comprising 3 staggered blocks: V/7500/N2/48/60/2.0/0.0

(Tested block size 1490 x 990 x 600mm)

This product is available in a range of Prestige etched smooth and exposed aggregate finishes.

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Range Vehicle Defence
Installation 100mm
Materials Artisan Precast Concrete
Dimensions W x D x H 3300-2400 x 990-1300 x 600mm
Height above Ground 500mm
Unit Weight 4600kg
Attribution for the Street Art is here href=httpswww.freepik.comfree-vectorcolorful-creepy-creatures-illustration-background_19245664.htm#query=street%20art&position=9&from_view=search&track=aisImage by Ilustronautaa on Free