Townscape CT Block bespoke seating More London


Townscape Counter Terror Block is an effective Hostile Vehicle Mitigation measure. It is designed specifically to prevent vehicle incursion into a zone around a building or secure areas, including pedestrian areas. The Counter Terror Block has been designed to complement the buildings and areas they protect.
Security and perimeter protection is our number one priority; however, a range of attractive and functional seating can be fixed to the Counter Terror Block to give employees and visitors a comfortable outdoor relaxation area. The seating is hard wearing timber and available in a range of colours.
A common specification for a perimeter protection system is to prohibit vehicle entry but not disrupt pedestrian flow. Counter Terror Block allows pedestrians to pass without delay and can aid pedestrian flow – perfect for busy airports and visitor attractions.
To achieve a PAS 68 standard, a security product undergoes rigorous and extensive testing in a controlled environment. Only when a system surpasses strict criteria and impact tolerance is it deemed suitable to achieve a PAS 68 standard. The Counter Terror Block is designed to stop and immobilise a 7.5 tonne vehicle travelling at a range of speeds between 30mph and 40mph. The Counter Terror Block only requires a 100mm recess into the surrounding tarmac, concrete or paved area. This means there is no need for extensive and expensive groundworks and no disruption to underground services.


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