Townscape CT Block bespoke seating More London


Townscape Counter Terror Block is an effective Hostile Vehicle Mitigation measure. It is designed specifically to prevent vehicle incursion into a zone around a building or secure areas, including pedestrian areas. The Counter Terror Block has been designed to complement the buildings and areas they protect.


While security and perimeter protection remain our top priority, we also offer a variety of appealing and practical seating options that can be attached to the Counter Terror Block. This provides employees and visitors with a comfortable area for outdoor relaxation. The seating, made from durable timber, is available in various hardwood options.

A typical requirement for a perimeter protection system is to prevent vehicle access while allowing uninterrupted pedestrian movement. The Counter Terror Block facilitates the seamless passage of pedestrians, enhancing pedestrian traffic flow – ideal for bustling airports and popular tourist sites.

Attaining a PAS 68 standard requires a security product to be subjected to thorough and comprehensive testing within a controlled setting. A system is only considered for a PAS 68 standard if it meets stringent criteria and demonstrates sufficient impact resistance. The Counter Terror Block is engineered to halt and immobilize a 7.5-tonne vehicle moving at speeds from 30mph to 40mph. It necessitates merely a 100mm recess into the adjacent tarmac, concrete, or paved surface, eliminating the need for costly and extensive groundwork and avoiding interference with subterranean utilities.

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